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ALLEGRETTI company was established in 1962 at the hands of Vittorio Allegretti producing hair and cosmetic products and using new technologies, new raw materials in order to face the national and the international market with innovative and avant-garde products.

Allegretti is a professional and specialized Italian company which considers the quality and the innovation of its products its differentiating features. Our goal is the substitution of “dangerous” substances for the health, creating innovative and healthy products for the hygiene, the beauty and the care of hair and skin.

Allegretti is a company of great traditions but with little dimensions. Its policy is the keeping of a flexible and functional management with young, dynamic and qualified people.
The management is support from low centre, management and trade consultancy.

The dates we refer below represent important goals of our company which coincide with the launch of products with innovative formulations.

Our story


Allegretti company first in the world to launch DIAMOND COLOR the first colours formulated on gel basis with a self stopping action.

Allegretti company first in the world to launch EMINENCE COLOR CREAM the first colour with a very high lifting power on direct application enlighting up to 5 level lift, (at that time were used just powder bleachers).


Allegretti company first in the world to launch ALLCOLOR the first professional hair color in gel without alcohol and ammonia and with a self stopping action . 100% covering of white hair.
(One of our competitor attempted to formulate a similar product but without results, the product had no covering effects)

1998 - 2014

Allegretti company create the fist professional and multifunctional hair colour FASHION COLOR in cream and without ammonia, with a proportion colour/ammonia of 1:4 instead of 1:1 Hair Fashion Color with the same hair colour but with different bleaching and activating agents allows to obtain permanent colour, semi permanent colour or enhancement colour.

VICTORIA NATURAL COLLECTION a line of hair baths and treating conditioners without sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS) and sodium laureth sulphate (SLES), surfactants, necessary substances which low the “tension”, the adherence of dirty and greasy particles in excess allowing the removal with water. SLS and SLES are aggressive surfactants for frequent use, they can be dangerous for the skin and can damage the hair follicle. It depends on the quantity contained in every shampoo and on the use.

The elimination from our hair colours of methafenilendiammina, a dangerous substance for the health.


We are about to put in the market two new color and also sunscreens, shampoos and cosmetic products.